Summer is coming, is everything okay with your air conditioning? Maybe it’s time to own a great r134a refrigerant leak detector and leave you a cool and comfortable summer. 

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First, we should know, that a r134a refrigerant gas leak detector holds wide usage for sorts of refrigerants, like HCFCs, HFCs, and CFCs, which include r22, r123, r410a, r125, r502, and so on. As one of HFCs, because r134a doesn’t contain helium atom, it can’t damage ozone at all, it’s also a great environmental friendly refrigerant, besides, R134a refrigerant also owns many advantages, such as high safety performance, nonflammable, nontoxic and excellent chemical stability, therefore, r134a also is popular on sorts of HVAC system and air conditioning. 

Usually, r134a refrigerant is mainly used on air conditioning below 300w, once there is a leak, you will find that it needs a long time to heat or cool a room, not only damaging the air conditioning machine, but also is a waste of electronic and 134a refrigerant, that’s why it’s vital to have a refrigerant leak detector, to find a leak early and quickly, and protect HVAC system and save money.

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Other 6 Unique Benefits of R134a Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. Safe and reliable. As long as the amount of refrigerant in the air exceeds a certain amount, it will be a threat to human health, and people will hard to breathe, suffocate or even die. But with a refrigerant leak detector r134a, everything is different. Rely on advanced technology, based on the fluctuation of current or infrared changes, these elements can’t be affected by outside, so an r134a freon leak detector always can offer us an accurate result in a short time.

2. A flexible 38cm probe can detect a small leak even in a hard-to-reach place. Th Aprvtio r134a uv leak detector owns high sensitivity, and can detect a leak as low as 0.15oz/year, a sensor of infrared can keep work 4000 to 5000 hours, and even can work on pollution points.

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3. Long service life. The popular r134a detector is heated diode and infrared, both their sensor have 400 to 500 hours of life and 4000 to 5000 hours of life each, as well as a rechargeable battery makes sure it also can work on the charge. What’s more, we also equip one more sensor for infrared to extend its work life, by the way, Aprvtio also provides a 1-year warranty for all our r134a freon leak detectors.

4. Compared to other methods, considering the aspects of service time and saved resources, a r134a gas detector is a long-term investment

5. User-friendly design. Comfortable handle, compact structure, and fashionable color, a portable r134a refrigerant leak detector will bring you a good mood.

6. Aprvtio r134a refrigerant monitor holds 7 adjustable sensitivity levels and can be preset as well, it’s easy to run and maintain. With a fast response time and low maintenance cost, a r134a refrigerant sniffer is the best friend of air conditioning. 

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5 Simple Steps to Use R134a Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. Turn the controller or sensitivity button to off or 0 positions. 

2. Connect to the power supply of the specified voltage, and switch it on, it should be a healing period of 5 minutes if it’s a rechargeable leak detector. 

3. After the heating period, place the probe at a reference leak point, adjust the controller and sensitivity knob until the leak detector responds, and move the probe, the reaction should stop.

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4. Move the leak-seeking hose and place it on the lower side of each joint, and we also should check all seals and control devices, disconnect the vacuum hose, and check whether there is refrigerant steam at the connection of the vacuum hose.

5. If there is a leak point, an r134a leak detector will react at the leak point. Plz note, that the contact time of the probe and refrigerant shouldn’t be too long, and don’t align the probe with the refrigerant flow or serious leakage, otherwise it will damage the sensor. 

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Tips When Using R134a Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. Usually, a r134a gas detector needs about 5 minutes to heat

2. Adjust a refrigerant leak detector of r134a to a required sensitivity range

3. When testing, place the probe in the full range of detection to ensure detection accurately.

4. Once the leak is detected, the probe should be removed immediately to avoid damaging the r134a leak detector and shortening its service life. 

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Why Aprvtio R134a Refrigerant Leak Detector 

Occupied less cost, while giving you big benefit, Aprvtio r134a refrigerant leak detector will be your best choice for many occasions’ usage. Launched in 2002, Aprvtio is quite confident to offer you kinds of refrigerant leak detector, what’s more, according to your requirements, we also can provide our most professional advice for you. 

As the leader of refrigerant leak detectors, during these years’ growth, Aprvtio has researched a whole series of mature technology, before putting them into marketing, we also have strict test standards in the final step, Aprvtio always insists on the principle of ” customer first” and shipping you the highest quality r134a refrigerant leak detectors. In Aprvtio, you always can get the one you favor.

Other 4 Methods to Detect A Refrigerant Leak

Besides refrigerant leak detectors, there are also other ways to use them for a leak. 

1. Observe oil stain. When the refrigeration system leak, it’s accompanied by refrigerant oil seepage, using this phenomenon, we will judge a leak through the outer wall of the whole refrigerant system, especially the solder joint and the surface of the evaporator, if there is an oil stain, maybe a leak occurring.

2. Soap water. Dip the little brush in the soap water, and apply it to the area that needs to be examined and look carefully, if there is foam or growing bubbles, then a leak will be found. Though it’s an easy way, can’t be used in a hard-to-reach place, and the wind outside.

3. Halogen leak detects light, which is a blowtorch fueled by industrial alcohol, we can find a leak by identifying its color change. When the freon refrigerant contact with the lamp, the refrigerant will decompose into chloro and fluoro gas, and produce copper chloride, the lamp flame will become green and purple green. However, we can’t use this way on refrigerators and air conditioning because of the flame, only can be used for large refrigerators and freezers.

4. UV dye. Put UV dye into the system in a certain proportion, making UV dye flow with the system, after 20 minutes, wearing a specified eyeglass, and you will find a leak on the yellow light, though this way, we can find a leak by eyes, and also spend less, but the UV dye will do damage to air conditioning and need a long time, but the accuracy is not high. 

As we all say, nothing is perfect without faults, based on your demand and used point to pick the one you favor, however, without doubt, a r134a refrigerant leak detector is your best choice after thinking of all elements. 

A 134a freon leak detector is reliable and portable equipment and is famous for its accuracy. Just need several minutes, moving the probe on the point, when sound an alarm, a leak will be found. Nowadays, it’s the most scientific, simple, and fast leak detection method. 

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