AC refrigerant leak detector also called a freon leak detector is widely used to detect these commonly used R404a and R410a of air condition systems, and AC cooling systems. Besides, AP's ac refrigerant leak detector also hold high sensitivity for these gas that prevent climate warming, like R32 and R1234yf.
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Accompanied by the coming of summer, the first thing you don't want to see is an increasing temperature when operating an HVAC air condition system, then you will think if the refrigerant on the conditioner is a leak.

 Due to some parts and joints of the HAVC system being welded, after a long time used, there is a potential leak risk, which may be just 1oz for several years, while may be higher. The refrigerant leak will lead to bad influences both on the economy and environment, as well as can also cause the loss of air conditioning system to a certain extent.

It's colorless and odorless, so it's hard to judge or find a leak only relying on the nose. What's worse, a refrigerant leak can cause breathing difficulties, suffocation, or even death, sometimes, it also can result in inflammability that creat a big threat to our health and safety.

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On the other hand, the refrigerant also is a poisonous gas, which leads to ozone depletion and global warming. 

So it's important to detect and recover a refrigerant leak, not just for your own cozy life, but also is responsible for people's health and environment.

 To solve this problem, and ensure the AC cooling system work normally, Aprvtio offers a series of ac refrigerant leak detector for you. They are designed for different demands and people, just choose one most suitable based on the following factors. 

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1. Sensitivity. The sensitivity is importantly related to the detection points and time, some air conditioner gas leak detector is 0.15 oz/year, while other is 0.25 oz/year, of course, the 0.15 oz/year is great, which means you can detect a small leak on the dark and narrow place.

2. Sensor life. A sensor just like the eye of automotive ac leak detector. Usually, there is equipped with a replacement sensor, while some ac gas leak detector doesn't have one. Therefore, choosing a long-life sensor is the best thing to avoid spending the extra money to buy another sensor.

3. Battery life. There are mainly 2 types of battery on ac refrigerant detector, one use replaceable battery, another use rechargeable battery. Some cheap batteries only can be used for 4 hours, a replaceable battery will add to your budget, while a rechargeable battery is more efficient, powerful, and convenient.

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4. And before you buy an ac recharge leak detector, you should know exactly which refrigerant is your aim. Aprvtio offers you a common usage refrigerant leak detector, and also a special ac leak detector, only ordering under your demand, you can get a high-performance ac leak detector.

5. Maintenance. Before buying, maintenance is another situation you need to consider, of course, the ac refrigerant leak detector kit with 2 sensors is better than

6. Ease of use. If you're not a professional technician that needs an auto ac leak detector every day, you'd better buy a simple usage auto ac refrigerant leak detector, maybe a leak detector with preset is great, or search on Youtube to learn every step.

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7. Response time. Compared to other methods, and ac refrigerant leak detector is no doubt a fast way, however, among different types of ac refrigerant leak detectors, the response time is also different, some need 3 minutes to start up, while others can find a leak in several seconds. 

Only find a leak, then we can repair and recover this problem. Want to know which is your suitable refrigerant leak detector ac? Reading below and you will get what you want.

3 Main Types of AC Refrigerant Leak Detector

So far, after almost 10 years of research and innovation, Aprvtio mainly provides 4 kinds of car ac gas leak detectors as follows. 

1. Corona leak detector. This is a traditional way to detect refrigerant leak detectors, besides all the halogen gas, they can also find chlorine and glaze gas. The corona ac refrigerant leak detector holds a cheap price and has wide usage. 

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However, the most important thing is that it can't detect fluorinated hydrocarbon. And because some refrigerant gas may contain inflammable gas, sometimes, a corona car ac gas leakage detector may have a small potential risk of explosion. 

By the way, the Aprvtio corona refrigerant leak detector owns a rechargeable battery, and its sensor life is 40 to 50 hours. With technology improving, due to many restrictions and security concerns, it's currently unpopular. 

2. Thermal diode ac refrigerant leak detector. This is the second most popular detect method for the HVAC system. A heater near the diode breaks down the gas and changes the current flowing through the diode, this change trigger and brings an alarm.

And the sensor of the thermal diode leak detector own longer life, usually 400 to 500 hours, and it can detect all refrigerant gas.

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3. Infrared leak detector. Rely on my 8 years experience, I have to say that the infrared leak detector is the best choice, which sensor can use 4000 to 5000 hours, and is suitable for all refrigerants, which means one ac infrared leak detector can be used for over 10 years.

In this way, air samples containing gas pass through the optical window of the sensor, and the refrigerant absorbs infrared radiation, infrared radiation is absorbed and transmitted to sensors that trigger an alarm, this is the most accurate method, and has been used for years on HVAC system and laboratory. 

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Why Do I Need AC Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. Fast and accurate. Though there are other ways that can be used to detect a leak, nothing could be faster and more accurate than it. For instance, in the UV dye way, if the UV dye isn't compatible with the refrigerant, then the performance of the whole device will be reduced. And we also need to spend time washing soap water every time, as well as someplace doesn't work at all, why not use ac refrigerant leak detector to find a leak in several seconds?

2. Portable and convenient. Air conditioner gas leak detector is compact and lightweight, as well as we also have another probe that can be replaced, leaving ac gas leak detector long service life.

3. Every AC refrigerant leak detector is installed with a low power indicator to facilitate battery replacement or charging in advance, which offers big convenience for your work.

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4. Due to the sensitive sensor design, the Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector can detect a small leak even in pollution environment. And it can be preset, when the number is unnormal, it will turn on the lights and sound the alarm, and minimize your losses.

5. Protect the HVAC system. A great refrigerant leak detector ac is a best friend for an AC cooling system. When occurring a refrigerant leak, you will find the HVAC system is hard to cool down for a long time, or air conditioning units may not be effective enough in cooling the room, eventually, the system can break down and cost you a lot of money to replace. 

 However, when using a leak detector, the opposite is true, you can know a leak the first and repair it fast, with little to lose.

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6. Health and safety. In campers, refrigerant leaks will create uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions, and when a leak occurs greenhouse, harmful gases may damage the plants, a high-quality detector will help you detect harmful refrigerant chemicals, and protect people's health.

How Do I Know If My AC is Leaking Refrigerant?

When a small number of refrigerant leaks, the evaporation temperature will decrease at the same compressor speed, when it falls to a certain extent, if the indoor fan speed is at a low level, there will be a lot of condensation at the evaporator outlet, and may even occur frost. 

If the leakage continues, because the refrigerant flow is too low, even at low wind speed, the superheat is very large, and it will show almost no cooling capacity. Intuitively, it is that the surface of the refrigerant pipeline is not even condensed water. 

And the most intuitive feeling is that even though the air conditioning turned on for a long time, the room is still very hot. 

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What is the reason occur refrigerant leaks?

Leakage of refrigerant in air conditioning system is inevitable because there are many imperfect joint fitting or welding points, and maybe there is only 1oz in 10 years, which is not so important for system operation. There are mainly 3 reasons that cause refrigerant leaks as follows. 

1. Outdoor unit or indoor unit copper head bell mouth is not properly played, or not properly connected

2. The nut of the indoor or outdoor unit is cracked.

3. Usually, in the diverging pipe welding, there is a leakage point. 

Other factors, like harsh temperature, environment, and vibration, as well as long time wastage can result from a refrigerant leak. 

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What Would Happened When the AC Lack of Refrigerant?

1. The air pipe valve is dry, and there is no obvious cool feeling when touched by hand because the lack of fluorine results in a lower boiling point of the refrigerant in the evaporator.

2. Liquid pipe valve frosted. The shortage of refrigerant leads to the pressure of liquid pipe increase and then leaving valve temperature below freezing point.

3. Open the panel of the indoor machine, and take off the filter, we will find only a small part of the evaporator frosting, that's because the shortage of refrigerant reduces the cooling square.

4. Due to the lack of refrigerant, the condensing pressure and temperature decrease, then the exhaust air of the outdoor unit has no heat sensation. 

Of course, there also has other phenomena, such as drainpipe drains little or no water, or there is oil contamination in the gas-liquid valve of the outdoor unit. If finding these problems, most likely your AC cooling units lack refrigerant, and after detecting, and adding the corresponding refrigerant, then they're solved. 

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Why Choose AP AC Refrigerant Leak Detector

After 10 years of growing, all our ac refrigerant leak detectors are made under the standard international, which ensures you detect any leak fast and accurately. At the same time, Aprvtio builds up a great friendship with more than 1000 reliable raw materials suppliers, as well as win a high reputation among our thousands of customers, that’s why we will ensure the first-class but low-cost raw materials, then offer you a competitive price for kinds of high-quality air conditioner refrigerant leak detector. 

In a word, no matter which problem you meet, related to the machine, orders, after-sales, shipping, and so on, our customer service team is here 24/7 for you.

Want to own your perfect ac refrigerant leak detector? Send us your information now!

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