It’s necessary to own a car refrigerant leak detector to ensure a safe and easy life. As we all know, It’s definately a headache problem when there is a refrigerant leakage in the car, not only it can’t offer a comfortable environment, but also has a health threaten. Just imagine, how miserable it is when you’re driving in the hot summer without air conditioning.

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5 Important Features of Aprvtio Car Refrigerant Leak Detector

· 【Two-Color LED Light】The refrigerant leak detector in car comes with UV lamp + white flashlight. UV lamp is used with fluorescent agent, white light is suitable for illuminating dark and small places.(LED light contains battery)

· 【Upgraded Version of WJL-6000】WJL-6000Pro refrigerant leak detector car is the upgraded version of the classic WJL-6000 with higher sensitivity. New upgraded LCD screen displays sensitivity level and refrigerant gas leakage level, even multiple alarm functions.

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Higher Sensitivity】7.9 inch flexible sensing tip with with higher sensitivity(up to 0.14oz/yr.) that compared with WJL-6000(0.21oz/yr), It can continuously work for 50 hours with 4*AAA batteries power supplied.

· 【Visualization of leakage levels】The new upgraded LCD screen of car refrigerant leak detector will display the leakage level of refrigerant gas. In addition, adjust the sensitivity by pressing the button, LCD screen will display sensitivity level.

· 【Multi-Alarms】The audible and visual display alarms in the leak detector refrigerant car can easily help you to locate where the leakage is. Once leaking gas is detected, the beep frequency will increase. The more gas leaked, the quickly the buzzer beeps, at the same time, the LCD screen displays the leakage level.

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Why Choose Aprvtio Car Refrigerant Leak Detector

Aprvtio is a worldwide manufacture and maintenance specialist for HVAC tools and temperature controllers, estabilished in 2002, Aprvtio owns rich experience and advanced technology to offer kinds of car rfrigerant leak detectors. Aprvtio innovates based on proven technology, and produces products that solve everyday problems. Our mission is supply the best tools for every HVAC professional in the field.

Aprvtio is committed to satisfying all applicable requirements and earning our customers loyalty by providing innovative solutions, custom manufacturing capabilities and exceptional customer service.

Over 20 years’ experience in HVAC industry, we manufacture test and measure sorts of car refrigerant leak detector for thousands of customers from 80 countries and regions, we are the industry expert and provide efficient tools to help engineers find and resolve issues quickly. Any demand of car refrigerant leak detector, contact us now!

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Other 5 Ways to Detect A Car Leak

Besides the electric car refrigerant leak detector, there are also has other methods just like follows.

(1) Visual leak detection method

Refrigerant and refrigerating machine oil are miscible, so there must be oil traces at the leak. However, a small amount of oil stains on the compressor shaft seal is normal.

(2) Soapy water leak detection method

When checking for leaks, clean the leaked parts and brush the soapy water on the places that may leak. If there is leakage, air bubbles will appear.

This inspection method can use a special commercial air bubble inspection solution or a household soap solution. When using a commercial air bubble check solution, use an applicator to apply solution to all connections, fittings, fittings, or controls suspected of leaking. When using household soapy water, a brush is required to apply. If bubbles appear, it means there is leakage at the application site. Note that all air conditioning systems should be checked, as there may be more than one leak.

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(3) Add dye leak detection method

Add a dyed refrigerant to the system, and a stain of color is clearly visible at the leak. The dye solution is generally red. The dye is introduced into the air conditioning system through the filling port, and then the air conditioning system is operated for a while. If there is a leak, the red dye will show stains on the joints or components.

After the leak is found, repair it, and then check the leak until there is no leak. The entire repair process is complete after a final refill of refrigerant.

(4) Halogen lamp leak detection method

When inspecting with a halogen lamp, its usage method should be strictly observed. After the flame is adjusted correctly, let the nozzle of the suction pipe be close to the detected part, and observe the change of the flame color to judge the leakage. The table on the right shows the corresponding situation of leakage size and flame color. Light the leak detection lamp and hold the air tube on the halogen lamp. When the nozzle is close to the leakage of the system, the color of the flame changes to purple-blue, which means that there is a large amount of leakage. This method produces open flames, which is not only dangerous, but also produces harmful gases when combined with open flames and refrigerants, and it is also difficult to accurately locate the leak point. So this method is hardly used now.

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(5) Electronic car leak detector refrigerant inspection method

Some car refrigerant leak detector car can only be used for one of the two refrigerants R12 or R134a, while some are suitable for both, so pay attention to choosing the appropriate refrigerant leak detector car. Electronic leak detectors should be used in a well-ventilated area.

The method of inspection is to first turn on the power switch and adjust the sensitivity of the leak detector to an appropriate value; then, test the probe of the leak detector along the pipeline of the air conditioning and refrigeration system. When there is leakage, the leakage warning light flashes and a warning signal is issued.

Move the probe to the place where there is likely to be leakage. When the car refrigerant leak detector sounds an alarm, it means that there is a large amount of leakage. Without doubt, electric car refrigerant leak detector is the best way to detect a leak, it holds high sensitivity, long sensor life, what’s important, it will offer an accurate report even in hard-to-reach place or a pollution points, which can’t do rely on other ways, that’s why a car refrigerant leak detector is worth to invest.

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