A digital refrigerant scale is necessary for the process of installation and maintenance of air conditioning, it offers an accurate number of instructions to add or remove from an air conditioning. 

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What's a digital refrigerant scale

A digital electronic refrigerant charging weight scales are made up of 2 parts, the LCD and the weighing scale. When maintaining an air conditioning, to ensure safe, we need to remove the refrigerant of air conditioning into a tank or other storage device, after repairing, put them into the air conditioning to make sure it can work smoothly, a digital refrigerant scale plays a vital role to record how many refrigerant we need to put.

Too many refrigerants will damage the compressor's service life, while less refrigerant can't make air conditioning work well, as well as making a waste of resources and increasing the budget. While a digital refrigerant scale best value can solve it properly, it records precise weight for refrigerant, and the automatic shut-off function makes you feel easy all the time. 

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7 Unique Features of Aprvtio Digital Refrigerant Scale

1. User-friendly design, a carrying case not only can protect the device but also is convenient for remote work. Adopt strong materials will ensure long service life, as well as a fashion color, bringing you a good mood. 

2.High-performance solenoid valve with mass flow, which refers to each kilogram of refrigerant flows in just 40 seconds, increasing work efficiency. 

3. A high-definition LCD provides you with a clear idea of the weight of refrigerant.Three units of measurement can be converted freely, the kilogram, pound, an ounce, you can choose anyone you want. 

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4.An Aprvtio digital scales to weigh refrigerant can recycle and store all kinds of refrigerants. Clear and accurate alarm function to remind you when it needs to stop. 

5.2 Types of batteries for digital refrigerant scale, chargeable and changeable, a battery can work more than 60 hours, saving more time to change or charge. 

6.High accuracy and large weight rang to 200 pounds.

7.The Aprvtio refrigerant scales digital can work both for liquid and gas. 

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Simple 5 Steps to Use A Digital Refrigerant Scale

1. Switch on scale 

2. Put on a refrigerant tank on a digital refrigerant scale, and set the reset 

3. Enter the function of refuel or recycle input net weight and confirm. 

4. Once the refueling work is done, the digital refrigerant scale will alarm and close the valve at once.

5. Click confirm to terminate manually. 

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Tips for Using A Digital Refrigerant Scale

1.Plz check all the parts of the digital refrigerant scales that contain the main engine, panel, and weighing scale, plz don't use it if there is any unnormal condition, like the main chassis is damaged, the LCD has no display, or the rubber pad of the scale plate was damaged.

2.You need to check if the refrigerant need to be the weight on the weighing range of a digital refrigerant scales best value, don't use a digital refrigerant scale over its range.

3.Plz check if there is a single-phase alternating current, or will do damage to the digital refrigerant scale.

4.When measuring, plz ensure putting a tank on a plane, otherwise, will affect the accuracy. 

5.Don't use and store a digital scales to weigh refrigerant in an environment of high temperature, high humidity, inflammable and high power electromagnetic.

6.Don't change internal wiring and pull the spiral line hard in case damage the refrigerant scales digital

7.Remove the battery when a digital refrigerant scale doesn't use for a long time, and change the battery when the LCD reminds you of lower power. 

8.Cap the solenoid valve inlet and outlet after finishing work to avoid jams. 

9.Use a wet cloth and a little detergent to clean the surface of digital refrigerant scale. Don't use chemical solvent to wipe the main chassis and rubber pad.

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