I always hold that a great electronic leak detector is the best friend of the HVAC system. 

Based on my 8 years of experience in the refrigerant leak detector industry, a refrigerant leak is the most common problem occurred in the HVAC system, once it happened, you will find it's hard to cool a room in Summer, and also need a long time to warm a place when winter, not only it isn't able to offer us a comfortable space but also can damage an HVAC system. 

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That's why an electronic leak detector HVAC is so important, especially for summer when we need great air conditioning desperately. 

What's the best electronic leak detector for HVAC?

Aimed at different types of refrigerant leaks and usage demands, there are several sorts of best hvac leak detector to choose from. Usually, there are 3 main electronic refrigerant leak detectors, the corona, heated diode, and infrared leak detector. There isn't a perfect way to solve all the problems, all of these HVAC refrigerant leak detectors have their pros and cons.

1. Corona HVAC Electronic Leak Detector

The best advantage of a corona leak detector is its price. Among these three sorts of hvac refrigerant leak detectors 2022, corona enjoys the cheapest price, commonly not over $50. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and 36cm, the corona electronic detector can detect almost all kinds of refrigerants but some flammable, like chlorine and glaze. 

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When a corona HVAC refrigerant leak detector operates, there is current flow through the electrode, the moment it finds a leak, the current will fluctuate, and then it triggers the alarm. 

By the way, the sensor life of the corona electronic refrigerant leak detector is lower, usually 40 to 50 hours. 

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2. Heated Diode Electronic Leak Detector

As one of the popular hvac refrigerant leak detectors, heated diode owns competitive price and great performance, it's able to detect a wide refrigerant range, and long sensor life of 400 to 500 hours. 

A heated diode hvac refrigerant leak detector is mainly to detect the chlorine and fluorine, then make a judgment on whether it's a leak or not. As we all know, almost all refrigerants contain chlorine and fluorine, so it's convenient for a heated diode HVAC electronic leak detector to find a leak in a short time. 

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Compared with corona, a heated diode electronic hvac leak detector for sale is more accurate and can detect a small leak of 0.15oz/year.

3. Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

There is no doubt that an infrared HVAC refrigerant leak detector is the most accurate and effective tool to find a mini leak. When running, the refrigerant can absorb some infrared rays, and determine a leak location by the change in refrigerant concentration. Due to it doesn't depend on any particular molecule, these detectors are also less susceptible to false-positive alarms and triggers. Because the absorption of light in the infrared spectrum is unusual, an infrared electronic leak detector needs a higher cost, and also longer work life. The infrared electronic leak detector for HVAC has been used for years in the laboratory, it's safe and healthy. 

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Like a heated diode, Aprvtio infrared electronic leak detector for HVAC also can detect all sorts of refrigerants besides Co2. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, it can work when charging. An infrared electronic detector also enjoys the longest sensor life of 4000 to 5000 hours. Besides, we also send you another sensor to extend the work-life of the leak detector. 

The main difference between heated diode and infrared electronic refrigerant leak detectors are sensor life and false positive trigger. Though an infrared electronic HVAC refrigerant leak detector owns a higher price, its sensor life of it will last 10 times longer than a heated diode. 

What's more, some new refrigerant gas like HFC and HFO are made with less chlorine and fluorine, then it's hard to detect by the heated diode. Let alone the price, a best refrigerant leak detector for the hvac field is undoubtedly the most suitable. 

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Before making a decision, we need to know more and choose the most suitable one. Not only do we need to think of the refrigerant we used today, but also should consider refrigerants that will be available in a few years. 

We should know that these traditional fluoro hydrocarbon is declining, and alternatives with a lower global warming potential are being promoted worldwide, which also should as a factor when choosing refrigerant leak detector hvac. Though some need higher prices, their longer service life and less maintenance are worth a lot. 

Which HVAC electronic refrigerant leak detector should I choose?

For most technicians, it's a decision for buying a heated diode electronic HVAC leak detector or an infrared one. On my side, I will recommend you the infrared HVAC refrigerant leak detector from all aspects, such as sensor life, rechargeable battery, service life, and future market. One important point we should know, all the time costs, repair fees, as well as maintenance spending are total can cover the price of an infrared electronic HVAC refrigerant leak detector. 

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Besides, an HVAC infrared leak detector can keep high sensitivity, and find a small leak in a short time accurately, all of these bring big convenience for you, and can also plenty of time. 

Other Essential Factors for Choosing HVAC Electronic Leak Detector

Besides these aspects, we mentioned above, like sensitivity and sensor life. We also should think about the battery, detect range, design, and maintenance.

Usually, there are 2 types of battery, one is rechargeable and another is rechargeable, it's hard to say which one is better, just choose from your work time and demand. Before buying, it's most important to make sure what kinds of refrigerant you need to detect, which will help you a lot. By the way, the user-friendly design really can bring you a good mood. Just imagine how much time and money you can save when an HVAC refrigerant leak detector needs less maintenance. 

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5 Benefits of HVAC Electronic Leak Detector

1. Timesaving. Instead of washing soap water, or take a risk of reducing the performance of the HVAC system, why not choose an electronic refrigerant leak detector, only need several minutes, it can find a leak location accurately.

2. Protect HVAC System. When a refrigerant leaks, the HVAC system takes a long time to cool down at high temperatures, or the air conditioning isn't effective enough in cooling the room. If things go on like this, it's bound to affect the performance of air conditioning and maybe need a lot of money to repair it.

3. Ensure Safety and Health. As we all know, a leak of refrigerant will bring kinds of influence, if it goes beyond a certain density, it can cause breathing difficulties, suffocation, and even death. When occurring in the greenhouse, it will damage plants. It follows how important an electronic refrigerant leak detector is for HVAC.

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4. Save Your Money. When a leak happens, the longer it takes to leak, the more money and resources it wastes. It's reported that there's a 25% chance of a refrigerant leak at the mall if it's $7 per pound refrigerant, so it's an $800 loss. For every minute a leak is detected, it will be repaired earlier, and more money will be saved.

5. Protect Environment. The refrigerant leak will lead to ozone damage and global warming. As a people, it's our responsibility to do suitable maintenance and repair a leak quickly. 

In a word, it's unrealistic to find a leak only relying on humans, which is time-consuming and can't always be successful. With the help of an Aprvtio best hvac leak detector, you can find a leak location fast and avoid any cost. An HVAC system, it's absolutely a long-term investment. 

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Why Choose Aprvtio Electronic Leak Detector for HVAC

After 20 years of accumulating and growing, Aprvtio is proud to offer kinds of HVAC electronic refrigerant leak detectors for our customers. Aimed at various product demands, we provide a series of leak detectors, they are different in price, sensor life, battery, as well as design. I'm sure you can find a perfect one. 

Besides many kinds of excellent electronic refrigerant leak detectors for HVAC, Aprvtio also offers you 24/7 customer service, fast worldwide shipping, as well a one-year warranty. So far, we have served thousands of customers from almost 80 countries and regions, and Aprvtio won a high reputation among them. If you want to know, contact us now!

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