Without a doubt that electronic refrigerant leak detector is a great way to detect refrigerant leak, which is cost-effective both for the economy and the environment, as well as it does a lot to rational utilization of resources, and save your operation budget maximum.

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As China's first electronic leak detector manufacturer, Aprvtio can offer you a wide range of leak detectors to make your work easy and spare more time with your family. Usually, there are 4 sorts of electronic leak detector for refrigerant in Aprvtio. 

3 Main Types of Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detectors

As a businessman, it's our responsibility to find the leak and repair it, in addition to effective prevention and correct maintenance, choosing a brilliant tool is also important. Because it's so important for people's safety and health, each country also has published related regulations for a refrigerant leak, it's time to choose a suitable refrigerant electronic leak detector for yourself. I'm sure you will decide after reading the following 4 sorts of leak detector equipment. 

1. Corona Leak Detector

Corona automotive refrigerant leak detector is a traditional technology to detect the refrigerant leak. The main principle of the operation of the corona electronic leak detector refrigerant is the change of current. There is the current flow between these two electrodes of this machine, and it already has a baseline of the current, therefore, the moment leaked refrigerant is into a leak detector and passes through this electrode, the current can be affected, leading to a reduced current, which proves there occurred a leak, and the alarm will be triggered. 

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The more disturbances, and the more current drops, then the higher of refrigerant gas' concentration. Compared with other sorts of refrigerant leak detectors, a corona one is cheaper and can detect a refrigerant leak of 1 to 1.5oz/year. What's more, these corona best electronic refrigerant leak detectors are designed with removable batteries, which is convenient for you to tear down the battery when don't use it, and it can extend the service life of your corona electronic refrigerant leak detector sensitivity. By the way, the sensor of the corona refrigerant leak detectors for autos can keep 40 to 50 hours. 

However, the most important point about the corona leak detector is that it can't detect the oil or other flammable substances, because of the existence of a current, there is a potential risk of explosives. 

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2. Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak

Heated diode detectors, mainly rely on detecting chlorine and fluorine to find a leak. As we all know, almost all the refrigerant gas on the market contains chlorine and fluorine. A heated diode electronic leak detector utilizes the electricity to heat this equipment, and break down the chlorine or fluorine in the refrigerant, then the alarm will be triggered.

Compared with the corona electronic leak detector, the heated diode is more accurate and holds higher sensitivity. Usually, the sensor of a heated diode electronic leak detector for refrigerant can keep work for 400 to 500 hours, and it also can detect all the refrigerant gas. Besides, we also send another sensor in your parcel to ensure your leak detector enjoys so long work life.

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For heated diode best electronic leak detector, I recommend you Aprvtio LD 200 electronic leak detector for refrigerant, there are 2 colors you can choose, fashion blue and warmth orange, the vibrant color will bring you a good mood all day long. LD 200 ac electronic leak detector is designed for the usage of family and interpreter service, with a flexible 36cm probe and 0.15oz/year sensitivity, it can find a small leak even in hard-to-reach places or a pollution points. 

3. Infrared Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector

Undoubtedly, an infrared electronic refrigerant leak detector is the most accurate and fast equipment to detect a leak. When operating, the refrigerant can absorb some infrared rays, judge the various refrigerant concentration to find the leak point, and trigger an alarm to remind you to repair your equipment. Infrared electronic ac refrigerant leak detectors enjoy the most advanced technology and have been used in experiment labs for many years. 

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The only shortage of infrared refrigerant electronic leak detectors are their price, however, it is worth this. Besides the 4000 to 5000 service life sensor, infrared also owns recharged battery that can be used continuously for 18 hours, even can be used when charging, a series of user-friendly designs, portable and compact, and a flexible 38cm probe make it possible to detect any place you want. Its high sensitivity can detect a leak of 0.1oz/year. What's more, we also put another sensor on your parcel, as well as a carrying bag. 

All of these electronic refrigerant leak detectors are efficient and cost-effective. In today's market, infrared and heated diode electronic refrigerant leak detectors are popular. After years and years of development, a refrigerant leak detector will become a best friend of an HVAC system. However, all of them have pros and cons, based on your demand, choosing the most suitable one. 

Of course, besides using an electronic refrigerant leak detector, there also has other methods, for example, the soap bubble and fluorescent dye method, though they're not as precise, some people also use them. 

What's The Best Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector

Due to some weld joints of the HVAC system, it's hard to avoid a leak. A useful tool instead of a nose will help a lot both on money and the environment. Commonly, the leak will cause some vibrations, though it's difficult to notice for humans, a great electronic leak detector refrigerant can find a leak in a short time based on this situation. 

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4 Benefits of AP Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. Timesaving. Needless to say, using a leak detector, no more than half an hour or just several minutes from the start to discover a leak, which leaves you much time to do other things.

2. A wide refrigerant gas detection range. Almost all the refrigerant gas can be detected, such as HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs, and blends, which include R12, R11, R500, R22, R123, R124, R502, R134a, R404a, R125, and HP62, MP39.

3. Bring a good mood. When you're frustrated that you can't find leaks, but also should spend money to run the machine, it's time to find an electronic refrigerant leak detector for sale to help you, just several minutes, solve your problem, and then it's your time to repair the leak and save money.

4. Usually, an electronic refrigerant leak detector market can be used for several years, it's cost-efficient and a long-term investment. 

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Which Factors Should Be Considered When Buying A Leak Detector

There are several important points we should think of when ordering an electronic refrigerant leak detector sensitivity because they're important for your future use. 

The first thing we need to think about is the sensitivity, high sensitivity like 0.15oz/year is better than 0.25oz/year because it can detect a small leak.

Second is the battery, commonly, there are 2 types of battery, the replaceable one, and the chargeable, corona refrigerant leak detector for autos is equipped with a replaceable battery, while the heated diode and the infrared detector are designed with a chargeable one, base on your demand, you can choose your suitable one.

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Third, the durability and warranty. On the other hand, a warranty also is a symbol of great quality.

Forth, and also the most important thing you should clarify is the sensor life, which is directly related to the service life of the machine.

There are also other factors we should know, such as the price, usage range or detection method, if an automotive refrigerant leak detector can be preset or not, and is it easy to use for you. After clearly these elements, you're absolute can be got your suitable leak detector. 

In a word, not only a big loss of economy can result from the refrigerant leak, but also a bad influence on the environment, for instance, ozone damage and global warming. That's why a good quality electronic leak detector refrigerant is so important. 

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Other 2 Ways to Detect A Refrigerant Leak

1. Soap bubble. Before the leak detector come out, soap bubbles as the main way are used for decades. Just as its name showed, we use the soap water to see if there are leaks at certain points. If there is a leak, some bubbles will occur at this point. But this way has some limitations, a small leak or in a windy place, it's useless. It's better used with an electronic refrigerant leak detector.

2. Fluorescent dye. Using this way, we need to inject the specific dye into the refrigerant system and let them flow with the host fluid or refrigerant, it's mainly designed for finding a leak in the automatic gearbox of the car. If there is a leak, the dye will escape from this point, using a UV lamp, a leak can be found clearly. However, it has a bad influence on the HVAC system's performance. 

In a word, compared with an electronic refrigerant leak detector, these two methods are cheaper, however, considering the time and energy you put it, maybe an electronic refrigerant leak detector holds higher cost-performance. 

Why Choose Aprvtio Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detector

As the largest manufacturer of kinds of electronic leak detectors, after 20 years of growth, we own 2 specification factories, as well as more than 130 well-trained staff. Aprvtio is quite confident to offer you the best customer service and great price. So far, we have served thousands of customers from more than 80 countries and regions, our serious attitude and advanced technology help us win a high reputation among them. In a word, there is always one great electronic refrigerant leak detector for you on Aprvtio. Any questions, contact us now!

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