An infrared fridge gas leak detector for detecting gas leaks in a pressurized gas source includes a housing that contains a sampling chamber, an infrared emitter for emitting IR energy, a filter that allows IR energy in the range of approximately 7 to approximately 14 microns to pass through, a sensor that detects IR energy that has passed through, the single filter to detect the presence of selected gas constituents in the gas sample, and a pump arranged to force a gas sample from a suspected gas leak that emanates from the pressurized gas source through the sampling chamber.

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Gas leak testing

Over and over again, devastating explosions and fires are caused by leaky gas pipelines. However, even smaller leaks in the gas pipelines, some of which cannot be detected by odor, lead directly to higher consumption and, in the long run, increase the risk of accidents.

How do leaks occur?

Leaks can be caused, for example, by hairline cracks (cracks that are hardly identifiable to the naked eye) in the pipelines. The often-used hemp sealant can also, after many years of use, become leaky.

Fast testing

Thanks to technological developments, it is today possible to use a test instrument to carry out a gas pipeline test (leak quantity test) in a very short time. if a leak is determined, the site of the gas leak can be identified very quickly and reliably with the help of the fridge gas leak detector.

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5 Unique Benefits of Fridge Gas Leak Detector 

 (a)The Freon fridge leak detector detects all kinds of halogen refrigerants including but not limited to R11, R12, R500, R503, R22, R123, R124, R502, R125, R134a, R404a R600a R290;

 (b)Excellent sensor, high sensitivity, long lifetime. Powered by: 4 x AAA 1.5 V batteries (batteries not included in the package).

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(c)Inner precise IC with ultra-low power consumption circuit design, more stable, longer battery life; Dual-color visual display of battery voltage;

(d)Sensitivity adjusted at any time and the halogen fridge refrigerant leak detector can be adjusted automatically to the best state of detecting

(e)7 Adjustable Sensitivity; Maximum sensitivity is 0.21oz/yr.

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APRVTIO has been committed to the manufacture and sale of fridge leak detectors for decades. We have a professional team of engineers and sales teams, which are sold on Amazon, eBay, Lazada, and other e-commerce platforms. Choose APRVTIO to ensure the quality now.

What Is Freon?

Freon is a gas that's used for cooling. When used in a freezer, it keeps your food cold and the overall temperature below freezing. Freon is a colorless, non-flammable substance, but if it's leaking, then it can smell like fresh-cut grass. Most modern refrigerators don't use freon anymore. Instead, they use a refrigerant called HFC-134a (1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane). This highly scientific word means that this type of refrigerant won't damage the ozone layer as freon does. There are two types of freon mixes: One that is used in residential cooling systems and R-22, which is considered to be more environmentally friendly.

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How to Look for Freon Leaks

There are many ways to check if your refrigerator model leaks. The most common way to detect if your model is not working correctly is if the motor is continuously running. It's important to see if your motor is continuously running or not. If the motor is running non-stop or your food isn't cold, you can purchase a leak detection kit.

Although you can purchase fridge leak detectors at many appliance repair shops, home maintenance, and auto parts stores, they're also sold online. If you don't want to wait to buy a fridge leak detector kit, then you can use soap and spray solution. Freon leaks create small bubbles. So all you have to do is mix dish soap and a little bit of water in a spray bottle. Afterward, spray all of the piping. If your refrigerator leaks, little bubbles should appear.

Your last resort is to call an appliance repair specialist. They will swiftly diagnose the issue. If you do have a freon leak, then your refrigerator will need to be replaced and not repaired.

 How to Prevent Your Refrigerator From Leaking Freon

To prevent freon leaks, it's important not to repair appliances that you don't know how to fix. Freon leaks can occur if you pry open, puncture, or cut into the tubing of your fridge. Also, if you have a habit of scraping ice out of your freezer, like most of us do, don't do it. If you scrape the ice out of the freezer incorrectly, you can damage the inside of the fridge. A leak can also be caused if you incorrectly use a pressure gauge on the tubing. If incorrectly applied, you can break the seal, which can cause leaking freon. To reduce freon leakage, invest in regular maintenance or purchase a new model.


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