A greenhouse temperature controller is like the central nerve of a greenhouse and controls these important factors that plant growing needs, such as temperature, humidity, and ventilation. 

You will have a good mood when looking at colorful flowers or green vegetables in your greenhouse, but do you exactly do all the preparation to deal with the cold wind, frost, and hypothermia? When a cold winter or warm summer is coming, how do protect these lovely plants to grow as usual? Maybe it’s time to own your greenhouse temperature controller. 

The greenhouse temperature controller also called a temperature switch and temperature protector, can produce some physical deformation inside the switch based on the temperature change of work, and then lead to some special effect to cut off a series of automatic control components, or issue a switch command to control the equipment operation on an ideal temperature and protect the foods, plants or something else. Besides the greenhouse, a temperature controller also can be used on kinds of household appliances, such as water dispensers, refrigerators, thermos, and so on. 

What’s the main work principle of greenhouse temperature controller?

Without a doubt, a greenhouse temperature controller plays an important role in many places, so how does it work? 

As equipment for adjusting temperature, a greenhouse temperature controller mainly pass a temperature to the controller thought protector, and the controller will make an order of cut off or start on, and then control a greenhouse or other equipment operation on an ideal temperature, as well as to play an energy-saving effect. 

When a greenhouse temperature controller working, first, it needs to do an automatically sampled the ambient temperature by the temperature sensor, and come true the goal of real-time monitoring. When a temperature is higher than the one you preset, a temperature controller for the greenhouse can control the circuit start. At the same time, we can also set the “backlash” control, if the temperature is rising all the time until reaches an over-limit alarm temperature point, a greenhouse temperature controller will start the alarm function, and also can stop the operation of equipment through a trip function, to protect equipment and control temperature. 

Only equipped with a temperature controller, a lot of appliances can work properly, otherwise, a greenhouse can’t control temperature, and it does big damage to the plant growing, that’s why a greenhouse temperature controller is so important. 

Established in 2002, after 20 year’s research and development, Aprvtio is quite confident to offer you an excellent greenhouse temperature controller to monitor a temperature in time, save fuel bills, as well as increase the yield of plants.

Functions of Aprvtio Greenhouse Temperature Controller

1. Adopt the automatic intelligent design, the Aprvtio greenhouse temperature controller can come true the function of programmable timing and temperature selection.

2. With an LCD display screen, just need to press the button softly, and you can set a date and temperature, it’s so easy to use and maintain.

3. It’s designed with 6 to 9 programs, you can choose the different temperatures for the various periods of a week.

4. Overheat protection. When the temperature of heating equipment exceeds the preset protection temperature, the greenhouse temperature controller can cut off the power automatically to prevent a bad influence on heating equipment.

5. As well as the great anti-frost function of the Aprvtio greenhouse temperature controller can keep a temperature at 5 all the time, of course, you can also set other temperatures. 

Benefits of Aprvtio Greenhouse Temperature Controller

1. Using a greenhouse temperature controller, it can automatically cut off when the temperature is over the limit, which will avoid a waste of fuel and protect your plants at the same time, therefore saving your money on fuel and the loss of food.

2. When a temperature is too low to make photosynthesis of plants, how we can expect the pretty flowers or high-yield grain. With a greenhouse temperature controller, you don’t have to worry about that totally, the temperature in the greenhouse can stay at the same level you want all year round, your plants don’t have to endure frost or wind, and can thrive in a greenhouse.

3. Just like mentioned above, a greenhouse temperature controller offers a healthier and more comfortable environment for plants growing.

4. The Aprvtio greenhouse temperature controller provides the precise control of heating, cooling, and ventilation, always putting the grains and flowers in a safe and healthy state.

5. An Aprvtio greenhouse temperature controller holds multiple densities and also is easy to install, remove, and maintain. Just need to put the plug into the wall socket, and then plug the pump into the back of the plug, and set a temperature, then you finish everything. At the same time, the power switch of the greenhouse temperature controller can shut everything down completely. It can also warn you when the temperature is too hot, to take measures advanced.

6. Besides the greenhouse, a temperature controller is also can be used in a barn, garage, cold storage, pool, vacation home, construction site, basement, computer room, and so on.

7. A greenhouse temperature controller can’t be affected by tide and lightning, it can work over 10 years.

8. The design of a graded temperature control unit makes sure a greenhouse temperature controller can be used anywhere with 120-volt power, as well as a transparent cover can protect it against weather and damage. 

Other Important Tips for Greenhouse Temperature Controller

1. To get the temperature you need, a greenhouse temperature controller should be set up near the height of plants in the center of the greenhouse, thus it can’t be affected by wall cooling. It will be perfect to put the temperature controller of heating and cooling together and don’t contact sunshine and water directly. The simplest method is to equip these greenhouse temperature controllers with wood and paint this wood white to black the sun.

2. What’s a differential? The temperature difference between on and off. For example, if you set a temperature of 71 degrees on a temperature control with a difference of 3, it will offer power when the temperature is below 71 degrees and cut off power at 74 degrees. And a cooling greenhouse temperature controller will stop working at 68 degrees.

3. Why it is important to control temperature and humidity in the greenhouse?

As we all know, to let plants happy and healthy, it’s vital to create a suitable growing environment. Wrong temperature and humidity will cause the environment to become too wet, and make pressure on plants growing, these pressured plants are easily damaged by infest and mold. One more important is that an environment that controls temperature and humidity will encourage plants to grow, offer more nutrients for foods, and offer you delicious grains and foods. 

1. Tips to manage greenhouse’s temperature and humidity

01. It’s difficult but important to keep a stable temperature and humidity in a greenhouse, at the same time, we also need to ensure that the temperature in the greenhouse is distributed evenly to avoid microclimates. 

02. Managing the temperature and humidity will ensure you control the transpiration rate of plants, and increase leaf evaporation by keeping humidity at a great level.

03. If humidity isn’t controlled, condensation can form on plants, fruits, and walls, which will create a breeding ground for disease and mold, and this will do huge damage to your plants. 

04. One thing you also should know, whenever adjusting humidity, and it also can affect a temperature, you need to know the perfect temperature and humidity set for your plants. 

In a word, a greenhouse temperature controller plays a necessary role for plant growing, it’s a high-value thing to do. Owned more than 20 years’ rich experience, Aprvtio can offer you an excellent temperature controller for a greenhouse, any questions? Contact us now!


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