With the development of the times, Halogen gas has been used in life and production. It brings many conveniences to our lives but has many harms.

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The halogen gas is a colorless and odorless gas, which is identified hardly by eyes. We need us tools,like halogen refrigerant leak detector, to help us check leaking.

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The Harms of Refrigerant

The HVAC system has been used widely, because it is very cost-effective. However, the halogen leaking is very terrible, it brings many harms for environment, economy and health of human. Details as follows:

Damage to People's Healthy

The refrigerant is a non-poisonous and stable chemical gas or liquid. However, when the refrigerant gas is mixed with the air and arrives at a high concentration, it will inhibit the breathe, and even cause coma and death.

The part of the refrigerant can be broken down to phosgene and chlorine, such as freon gas. These gas will stimulate the eyes and skin, and cause swellings and pains.

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Harm The Environment

The large of refrigerant will be mixed with air and damage the ozone layer,

Destroy The Air Conditioning System

Mix-in moisture: The moisture and refrigerant will generate the acid. It corrodes the pipelines and reduces the life of the cooling system. The moisture also freezes the expansion valve, causing the refrigerant can not through, and the air conditioner can not work.

Mixing in non-condensable gas affects the efficiency of the refrigerating system.

Mix in dust, and block the expansion valve, the HVAC equipment can not work.

leading to the greenhouse effect.



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Why Choose Aprvtio Halogen Gas Leak Detector

Because of this harms, the halogen leak detector is very important for cooling system. Aprvtio halogen gas detectors have a high quality and reasonable price. Aprvtio has served more than 80 countries and areas customers, through many years’ development and improvement.

Other Information You want to Know

6 Important Tips You Need Know When Repair Air Conditioner

1.Need to observe by eyes and spend many times finding the leak positions

2. The refrigerant is stable gas, but still has dangers in the specific condition

3. The sensor of the halogen refrigerant leak detector aging easily, and need to be changed frequently

4. Effect by flow gas, dust, and moisture, always appear wrong alarms

5. Can not detect the new refrigerant gas, like the co2 refrigerant gas

6. In many small air conditioner systems, such as car air conditioners, someplace can not be detected, because it has many hidden places

Development Process and Applications of Halogen Refrigerant Leak Detector

To find the leak points as soon as quickly, and reduce the harm, the engineers explored, researched, and developed the ways and tools for leak detection continuously.

  • In the beginning, the maintenance engineers only find the leak through their eyes. If it has oil stains on the pipelines, it means this place maybe leak. The way is very easy, but when you find the leak, the leak gap will be large, and difficult to find the accurate position. What's more, this way is only used in a large HVAC system. In a small system, there are many invisible places, this way will not work.
  • Smart engineers find new ways quickly soap water and bubble water. Firstly, they inject nitrogen gas into the pipelines. Then, smear the soap water or bubble water on the appearance of pipelines. Finally, observe the bobbles. If it generates bubbles, the place may be leaked. However, this way needs spending many times and a lot of people.
  • Then, the engineers invented the freon light. The tool is easy to use and can find the leak position quickly. But, it can generate the fire, very dangerous when use
  • Fluorescent agents are used in leak detection. Inject the fluorescent agent into the pipelines, after 20 minutes, wear the UV glasses, and use the purple light to find the fluorescence reaction points
  • In the twentieth century, invent the handhold halogen refrigerant leak detector. The halogen leak detector solves the many problems
  • The corona refrigerant leak detectors improved the efficiency of detecting leaks. It can test all freon gas including chlorine, fluorine, or bromine, such as R11, R12, R13, R14,R22,R23,R50,R134a, R123,R124,R125,R170,R143 and so on. However, the corona refrigerant leak detectors have a big disadvantage: the life of the sensors is very short, only 40-50 hours.
  • For flammable and explosive refrigerant gas, like R290 and R600, the corona leak detector has a little danger when tested. To solve the problem, the thermal diodehalogen leak detector has been invented. It is more stable and accurate. More importantly, the sensor's life is 400-500 hours, 10 times more than corona sensors.
  • In the 21st century, infrared technology has been used in leak detectors. The life of the infrared sensors is 4000-5000 hours. It has very high accuracy and reduces the probability of erroneous alarms. The infraredhalogen refrigerant leak detector also can be used in new mixed refrigerants, such as R32.
  • Recently, co2 has been used as a refrigerant in order to reduce the harm to the environment. The co2 leak detector is made by a heat diode sensor. It has a high accuracy

The Reasons for Refrigerant Leaking

  • The moisture and other air gas into the pipelines after long-term use. They corrode the interior of conduits and cause many cracks
  • It will cause pressure and vibration when the machine is working. The screws will loose, reducing the tightness of the HVAC system
  • The refrigerant leaks out because of the unprofessional installer
  • The problem with the air conditioner: The weld is not smooth when the machines have been produced

Leak Positions of Air Conditioning System

  • The Leak of Evaporator

The evaporator makes up of a lot of soldiers and copper pipes. If the weld is not smooth, it will cause the refrigerant to leak.

  • The Connection Place of Copper Pipes

The pipe flare has been damaged or appear many gabs

  • Globe Valve

The rubber band of the globe valve is destroyed because of the long use

  • Compressor U-tube

The compressor is a common leak place. If the pipes are made from low-quality materials, the interior of the pipes is thin, then appear many cracks. Along with the use of machines and vibration, the gaps are getting bigger.

Now, we learn the harms of refrigerant, the reasons and places of a refrigerant leak, you must want to find the best solution for refrigerant leaking. We believe that the solutions will be more and more convenient.

 Aprvtio learns more about the needs of repair engineers. Through more than 10 years of research and improvement, Aprvtio supplies the most convenient and professional halogen refrigerant leak detectors. Any demand, contact us now!

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