What is an Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

Adopt the most advanced technology, infrared refrigerant leak detectors can detect a small leak, leaving large convenient for people’s life, at the same time, the best-infrared refrigerant leak detector is your great helper to protect the environment and reduce operating costs. 


Rather than buying a refrigerant leak detector at random, you need to know how to use a refrigerant leak detector. Different sensing technologies require different methods of use and application. 

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Rather than buying a refrigerant leak detector at random, you need to know how to use a refrigerant leak detector. Different sensing technologies require different methods of use and application. 

Conventional leak detectors on the market are available in the corona and heated diode versions, while they all hold shortage, a corona leak detector may occur false alarms, and a heated diode detector can’t detect the flammable refrigerant. 

Differ from these two refrigerant leak detectors, infrared leak detectors detect refrigerants by sweeping motion to pinpoint refrigerant leaks. The infrared sensor remains at zero when leaking. The advantage of infrared is that it triggers the same for all refrigerants, unlike heating diodes, which work better than some refrigerants.


More Details of AP Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector



1. Two-color LED light

An infrared refrigerant leak detector with 2-color LED light, and UV lamps are used with fluorescent agents, and the white light version is suitable for illuminating dark or small areas. UV light gives you a more intuitive understanding of the location of a particular leak



2. Flashlight with battery 

3. An infrared refrigerant leak detector can detect all halides, which includes, but is not limited to CFCs such as R12, R11, R500, and R503, HCFCs such as R22, R123, R124, and R502, and HFCs such as R134a, R404s, R125, and R1234yf.


3. Hearing and visual alerts, are LED light flashing alarms and Buzzer alarms.

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4. Dual battery indicator.

5. Adjustable sensitivity. Aprvtio infrared refrigerant leak detector holds 1-7 levels of optional sensitivity. The maximum sensitivity of 0.21 oz/year. 

Benefits of Infrared Leak Detector 

1. Infrared refrigerant leak detectors differ significantly from other versions in terms of heating diodes. Heated diodes can detect anything containing chlorine or fluorine. If they detect a leak, they can move the probe closer and closer until it reaches the correct location. As far as I know, the engineers and mechanics around me use this feature every day.

2. Infrared refrigerant leak detectors detect refrigerant by scanning the area in a slow target scan pattern. So instead of placing the probe in a single location, move the leak detector back and forth before the alarm sounds to better pinpoint the exact extent of the leak. The leak detector with light has two modes: ultraviolet light and white light, which can better detect the specific location of the leak point and whether there is a gas leak.

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3. Although the infrared unit cannot be used for gas leak detection in a single location, the leak detector needs to be moved back and forth to better pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The biggest advantage of infrared ac leak detectors is that they have the same trigger conditions and respond quickly no matter which refrigerant is detected. This is different from the heating diode, and the reaction speed of the heating diode will be different due to different refrigerants.

Safety Notice of Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

To prevent personal injury, please read the operator's manual carefully and follow the guidelines below.

1. Wear safety glasses, gloves, and all other recommended safety equipment when working with refrigerants. Contact with refrigerant may result in injury. Check for any refrigerant-related warnings before testing.

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2. Avoid inhaling refrigerants. If the refrigerant leaks, the refrigerant concentration around the equipment will be too high. These refrigerants are harmful to the human body. Excessive inhalation can cause irreversible damage to the body. Therefore, the normalization operation is particularly important.

3. Do not let the probe touch live objects or high voltages. This may damage the equipment and cause the detection probe to fail.

4. Before each use, make sure the filter is clean. Do not allow any liquid to enter the probe tip; doing so will damage the unit. During the cleaning process, just wipe the body with a clean paper towel, do not immerse the infrared refrigerant leak detector in the water.

5. This product is only suitable for halogen gas detection, and the equipped ultraviolet light also allows you to better find the gas leakage point, without the need to find the pet excretion point, and use it for money detection.

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6. Safety Hazard Warnings for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are potentially hazardous and present a serious fire hazard if damaged, defective, or misused. Larger lithium cells and industrial lithium cells, including high discharge currents and frequent full discharge cycles, require special precautions.

Voice of the Customer for Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

As a big fan of infrared refrigerant leak detectors, over the past ten years of repairs, I have come to realize that when I choose a leak detector that fits my heart, my first consideration is product quality. When I first entered the industry, I would choose the low-end version, which caused me to replace the leak detector with a new one in less than a month. Later I tried a refrigerant leak detector with a high price per customer. These types of detectors are of high quality, are durable, and provide more accurate detection data.

As we get older, we start to realize that buying expensive tools is much better than replacing the old tools again and again. 

To sum up, an infrared refrigerant leak detector holds several unique advantages and is your best friend in life. After more than 20 years’ of growing, Aprvtio is quite confident to offer you kinds of the infrared refrigerant leak detector. Any demand for that, contact us now!

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