With an increasing cost for an HVAC system, as well as growing environmental awareness, a permanent refrigerant leak detector is so important. The refrigerant has a leak risk among all kinds of refrigerant equipment. Therefore, in every step of the usage of an HVAC system, such as installation, use, and maintenance, a permanent refrigerant leak detector is necessary. 

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If considering comprehensive, think of the time and cost of detecting and repairing a leak, you will find permanent refrigerant leak detector will help you a lot, especially in this era of environmental protection. 

After almost 22 years of development, Aprvtio is quite confident to offer you a series of permanent refrigerant leak detectors, such as the traditional corona leak detector, popular heated diode permanent refrigerant leak detector, as well as infrared refrigerant leak detector, based on different characteristics, price and usage range, there is always one for you. 

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Features of Aprvtio Permanent Refrigerant Leak Detector

Usually, a refrigerant leak detector is fixed on a certain point, there is commonly a sensor and panel on the suction device, which take air samples from each space through pipes, and detect refrigerant concentration levels from multiple spaces. Compared to other permanent refrigerant leak detectors, AP holds these great features as follows. 

1. Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector is supported by a series of advanced technology, warning when detecting a leak, and it can also find an accurate leakage point to reduce your maintenance work and cost, improving the efficiency of refrigerant equipment and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

2. The design of an independent panel greatly reduced the risk of refrigerant leakage. Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detectors can continuously monitor the atmosphere in the area where various refrigerant equipment is located to ensure people’s safety.

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3. Multi-zone alarm panel can detect the presence of kinds of refrigerant, and raise the alarm early if the data is normal compared to this one you preset.

4. Equipped with a single zone relay, Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector can be connected to the radiation management system and dialer.

5. Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detector also is designed with an automated permanent refrigerant leak detection system, which can shut down the refrigerant automatically and lower the pump the moment refrigerant leak or charge loss, which will ensure people’s health, as well as save your budget maximum. 

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In a word, after years and years of research and development, Aprvtio kinds of permanent refrigerant leak detector is user-friendly, which add a lot of humanized design on the premise of guaranteed use. 

Besides these special and advanced designs, Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detector also brings you lots of benefits and offers so big convenience for your life, looking through next, you will find it.

As we all know, as a kind of cooling gas, though the freon is non-toxic, the weld joint of the pipes could lead to a leakage of freon gas, this gas accumulates in the air, then displace oxygen, which is easily causing suffocation. 

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Therefore it’s dangerous if there is a leak that occurred in the air conditioning. Due to most refrigerants being colorless and odorless, it’s so hard to be found without the help of a permanent refrigerant leak detector. The refrigerant gas is likely to accumulate from floor to ceiling, when it reached a certain concentration, there will be a big threat to the people in the room or office, which can cause dizziness, anesthesia, suffocation, and arrhythmia. 

Benefits of Aprvtio Permanent Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detector can detect kinds of refrigerant that includes HCFC, HFC, HC, HFO, and carbon dioxide. Usually, a permanent refrigerant leak detector can be fixed on the wall, and an alarm is sounded when the data reaches a preset number.

2. Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detectors hold strong adaptability to the environment. Generally speaking, it can normally work when a temperature is between -25 to 50 degrees. And the panel can work at 0 to 50 degrees, even in a place where humidity is greater than 90 degrees, it can run smoothly.

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3. Meet the ISO certification, Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detector enjoy great accuracy and sensitivity, which can detect a small leak even in a narrow and dark place, or pollution environment, without a doubt, Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector is your big assistant to reducing budget and protect the environment. 

4. Just as mentioned above, Aprvtio launched types of refrigerant leak detectors, these detectors are suitable for any electrical installation work without extra work.

Due to freon being heavier than gas, to detect a leak accurately, a permanent leak detector has to be equipped on the floor. Due to the accurate measurement range and a low alarm setting, Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detector can detect any anoxic area, such as hotels, offices, stores, apartments, and bedrooms, leaving you a safe environment all the time. 

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1. More accurate than a smoke detector, a permanent leak detector can detect types of potentially dangerous situations and air condition problems, which is also the choice of Hilton Hotels. In short, Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detector ensures you self-diagnosis all the time and provides the highest level of safety.

2. Higher sensitivity, even a small leak, Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detector can find it quickly and early.

3. Double alarming setting set on Aprvtio leak detector, which includes visual and sound alarm, to detect a leak, and make sure your work safe and fast.

4. Practical sensor technology on Aprvtio permanent refrigerant leak detector will ensure the sensor is monitored, and show you a problem or leak. By the way, a sensor is easily washed and can be used again after washing. If a leak is to be founded, the led light will turn green to red, as well as sound alarm start working, which is so convenient to find a leak for you. 

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Bad Influences of Refrigerant Leak

Without a doubt, a refrigerant leak will affect the work-life of the HVAC system. When leaking occurs, it means the compressor needs to run many times to cool the temperature, sometimes, it even can’t work. During the cooling period, there is a loss of energy, for example, electricity. After a long time, you will receive a high bill, as well as a bad performance machine. 

On the other hand, the leaked refrigerant and bills also increase your budget, and also caused bad influences, such as ozone depletion and global warming, as well as energy waste. 

That’s why you need a permanent refrigerant leak detector. Usually, a leak detector is used to detect the air condition of all parts of refrigerant equipment, and there are so many places that can be used, such as buildings, offices, homes, apartments, cars, hospitals, and so on. 

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Tips of Permanent Refrigerant Leak Detector 

To ensure your permanent refrigerant leak detector can work for a long time, first, aimed at different sorts of refrigerant, you should set a different alarm threshold. Second, set an alarm signal when a refrigerant gas isn’t in a normal situation, may be higher or lower based on your measure standard and requirement. 

When is Refrigerant Detection Required? 

So many people face this problem, when do I need refrigerant detection? 

There is a series of various regulations and laws for related workers, this is various for different countries and regions. After considering all aspects, such as environment, health, and safety, laws and regulations have been formulated to regulate refrigerant leak detection. 

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There is 3 different refrigerant leak detection standard in European. 

First, the cooling system with more than 5 tons co2, the system have to be detected at a certain time. Second, the system with more than 5t co2, but less than 50t co2 has to be detected once 12 months. Third, aimed at some systems own co2 between 50t to 500t, a refrigerant leak detection has to do once 6 months. Forth, if the equipment contains more than 500t co2, then you need to detect it once 3 months.

In the US, for commercial or industrial refrigeration equipment a full of 500 pounds or more, a leak detection must be performed every 3 months. And for commercial refrigerated and intellectual property appliances with a full charge of 50 pounds or more but less than 500 pounds, a leak detection must be performed once per calendar year. 

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Of course, these aren’t the only requirements that need to be followed. According to different regions, other safety standards need to be obeyed as well.

After almost 22 years of growing, Aprvtio has been an expert in refrigerant leak detectors. And we can offer you kinds of permanent refrigerant leak detectors with great quality and competitive price, as well as fast shipping and comprehensive service will help you a lot. Any demand, contact us now!

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