A refrigerant leak detector also called a freon leak detector, is mainly designed to detect a leak of r404a, r410a, and other refrigerants that are used on air condition and freeze equipment. At the same time, an r410a refrigerant leak detector also holds high sensitivity for r32 and r1234yf. In a word, r410a refrigerant leak detectors are needed where the refrigerant is present.

R410a is famous for its excellent environmental protection, and it belongs one of the refrigerants of HFCs, which means r410a doesn’t contain chlorine, therefore it can’t damage the ozone. Commonly, r410a consists of certain r32 and r125 mixed together in definite proportions.

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Maybe you have a question, why need r410a when r32 owns higher performance than r410a as a refrigerant? Because of the consideration of safety, on a safety level, r32 is grouped into A2, which means it’s nontoxic but flammable. But R125 is a chemical material that can be used to make fire extinguishers.

Matched with r32 and r125, r410a is a great refrigerant that can’t hurt any ozone, but enjoy high refrigerating efficiency. It’s stable, safe, and high performance, on the other hand, an air condition adopt r410a also own better quality.

As a widely used refrigerant, r410a also has the leak risk, we all know a series of bad influences made by the refrigerant leak, on the one hand, it can threaten people’s health, on the other hand, also bring a sum of money lost, especially for supermarket or food chain. That’s why an r410a refrigerant leak detector is so important.

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6 Unique Benefits of R410a Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. Wide refrigerant detect range. Usually, a refrigerant leak detector not only can detect r410a, but it can also detect almost all sorts of refrigerants. An Aprvtio conora refrigerant leak detector can detect all refrigerants except the flammable because of the existence of current when operation. A heat diode refrigerant leak detector holds more detection range and can detect all refrigerants in the market. Then advanced infrared refrigerant leak detectors also can detect all refrigerants except co2, which means own an r410a refrigerant leak detector, almost any point with refrigerant can be used.

Compared with other methods, like soap water and UV dye, and refrigerant leak detector r410a can find a small leak early and quickly without damaging the HVAC system’s performance.

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2. Benefit for insurance application. When there is a leak in your home, usually you will need a leak to detect a report, and an insurance company is happy to see it because it is simply the work process.

3. Adopt advanced technology, like infrared 410a leak detector holds 4000 to 5000 sensor work life, as well as 7 level sensitivity adjustment, which can detect a leak of 0.15oz/year, and its double alarm equipment will inform you early, and repair a leak early, the saved refrigerant and wear of air conditioning, or even the loss of food, it’s a large sum of money for you.

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4. When some people say, it’s boring and time-consuming work to find a leak, I know he didn’t have an r410 refrigerant leak detector. Aimed at different usage times and frequencies, Aprvtio offers you a series of different choices of r410a refrigerant leak detectors, from all the aspects of price, sensor life, battery life, and detection range, there is always one for you.

5. Making your work so simple, just run it, after several minutes, a sound will remind you of an accurate point that leaks.

6. Because of their long service life and high performance, the Aprvtio r410a refrigerant leak detector is a long-term investment no matter for home use or used in professional places.

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Benefits of R410a Refrigerant

1. The refrigerant 410a leak detector doesn’t contain chlorine, so its ozone layer destruction potential value is 0.
2. It’s nontoxic, and the same as R22, the permissible concentration is 1000ppm.
3. R410a is nonflammable. Its flammable polarity in the air is 0.
4. High chemical and thermal stability.
5. With the same water solubility as R22, and don’t soluble with mineral oil or alkylbenzene oil.

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Tips for R410a Air Conditioning

1. The maintenance tool for r410a should be dedicated, and can’t be used together with R22.
2. Pressure gauge and connecting hose should be resistant to high pressure, and the pressure value has to be greater than 33kgf/c, to avoid a sudden crack phenomenon in the process of maintenance.
3. In the maintenance process, if the system needs to replace parts or welding operation, the system should be vacuumed, and the vacuum pump should be installed on the check valve.
4. We should try to avoid the refrigerant tank under high temperature for a long time when maintenance, so as can’t affect the cooling effect of composition changes.
5. Because R410a is an approximate azeotropic mixture refrigerant when adding refrigerant, we should use the liquid method.

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Why Choose Aprvtio R410a Refrigerant Leak Detector

Besides sorts of high-quality refrigerant leak detector for 410a, like conora, heated diode, and infrared refrigerant leak detector, Aprvtio also owns other unique advantages for refrigerant leak detectors as follows.

1.24/7 customer service. No matter which question is related to the refrigerant leak detector, Aprvtio customer service can solve it for you in time.

2. Fast shipping. Our European overseas holdings can ensure you fast shipping no matter where are you located.

3. Best manufacturer. After 20 years of growing, Aprvtio has set scientific research, production, and sales as one, it offers big convenience for us to offer our customers. So far, we served thousands of customers from almost 80 countries and regions, and win a high reputation among them. Aprvtio’s advanced technology and rich experience help many people to find a leak accurately.

4. Quality guarantee. All Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector owns one year warranty. And we also equip another sensor for the infrared r410a sniffer to extend its long work life.

In conclusion, it’s hard and time-consuming to find a refrigerant leak only by humans, nor can it succeed. With the help of the Aprvtio r410a refrigerant leak detector, we can find a question fast and avoid big losses. Professional work requires professional tools, come to Aprvtio, there’s always one for you.

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