Refrigerant leak detector price decide on the performance of this equipment, while refrigerant leak detector determines the worklife of your HVAC system. 


It's no exaggeration to say, refrigerants is the backbone of HVAC system. Due to most parts of HVAC system are welded, after long time usage, the joint and fitting parts will have the leak risk. May be it's 1oz per year, or few ounces one day, which not only means the bad performance of AC cooling system, but also your higher cost and bills. 

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Of course, we can't rely on nose to find the leak, because most of refrigerants are colorless and odorless. We need the help of these professional refrigerant leak detector. In a word, no matter for economy loss or environmental pollution, a great refrigerant leak detector is so important. 

Estabilished in 2017, after years growing, Aprvtio all level prices refrigerant leak detector can best meet your different demand, they can detect such small leak quickly and accurately almost all the place, which is best to ensure safe and reduce your cost. 

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So far, there are mainly 3 refrigerant leak detectors, they are halogen, semiconductor, infrared ray and thermal diode, them different leak detector hold different price. Generally speaking, the infrared ray refrigerant leak detectors own higher price and best performance, as well as the longest usage life. However, you can choose freely based on your budget and actual demand. 

4 Essential Factors That Effect Refrigerant Leak Detector Price

It seems like the refrigerant leak detector is not big as we image, it owns many complicated parts to keep it working, such as sensor, battery, shell, LED, UV flight and so on, all of these elements lead to the various price level of refrigerant leak detector. Though they can detect same refrigerant gas, the performance, spend time, worklife are different. 


It's the most important elements you need to consider when choosing a refrigerant leak detector. Some can be made 0.15 oz/year, while others only can get 0.25 oz/year. Aimed at sensitivity, the 0.15 oz/year is better than 0.25 oz/year, correspondent, the price of 0.15 oz is higher. 

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2. Detection Limit

Different price level lead to different sensor and battery, then it affect the usage time and place of refrigerant leak detector. Usually, infrared refrigerant leak detector own the longest usage life, and can detect on narrow-dark place or polluted environment.

3.Battery Life

Wihtout doubt, the higher price enjoy long battery life, an infrared refrigerant leak detector own 100 hours battery life, and the thermal diode 70 hours, and semiconductor about 40 hours. However, the batteries of every Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector are replaceable, which ensure the longer service life of refrigerant leak detector. 

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4.Sensor Life

The sensor equipped on refrigerant leak detector is the main factor affecting price. Different probes hold different detection position, duration and sensitivity. Just as the battery we mentioned above, the sensor of infrared refrigerant leak detector owns higher price. 

4 Unique Features of Aprvtio Refrigerant Leak Detector

1.Wide product price range that can meet all people's needs. Aimed at the customers with daifferent budget, Aprvtio published 3 kinds of price level from $20 to $200, which including all kinds of refrigerant leak detector, such as infrared, semiconductor, thermal diode and halogen detector. Every price level refrigerant leak detector also have the main product, which make sure you can choose your suitable and high cost-performance refrigerant leak detector among your budget. 

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2.All Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector can detect all refrigerants gas, which including CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs and HFOs, offering great convenience for our customers.

3. Sensor life can reach 100 hours, leaving our customers high cost-performance, and long term investment. 

4. So far, Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector is the longest used leak detection sensor in the HVAC market, within less than 30 seconds startup time they will work well even in pollution environment.

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4 Benefits of AP Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. Timesaving. Though there are other methods to detect a leak, such as using the soap water and dye, they need a series of complicate steps, as well as long time can see the results, under most of situation, these two ways are inaccurate. While all kinds of Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector is able to offer a accurate leak point in seconds, saving most of your time to do other things.

2. Protect HVAC system and save money. When a leak occur, our HVAC system need to spend a long time to cooling, or even the AC unit can't cooling a room effectivity. If things continue this way, it may damage HVAC system, then you will spend more money to replace it, why not just invest an Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector, and find a leak quickly and precisely in a so short time.

3. Ensure health and safety. The leaked refrigerant will lead human body asphyxia, or even death. A small amount of refrigerant can cause an unhealth and dangerous living environment. If a HVAC system is used on greenhouse, a leak of refrigerant also can damage plant, and leading to economy losses, that's why we need a refrigerant leak detector, using less price get more benefits.

4. AP refrigerant leak detectors are build to work all day and all night with usb rechargeable battery, ensuring your work efficiency and convenient, which is a long term investment. 

More Details of Refrigerant Leak Detector Pricing

Usually there 3 price ranges of Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector price, under $50, $50 to $100, and over $100, we can't say which is best or worst, just as we saied before, the function of these Aprvtio refrigerant leak detectors are same, the different price decided on the different sensitivity, worklife, sensor, battery and probe. According to your usage frequency and work time, you can choose the most suitable refrigerant leak detector among these. 

1. Under $50. This price usually can buy a heating diode with high sensivity level, it can be bought with battery, the battery lasts at least 5 hours before it dies. Besides, you can find a good fluorescent dye compatible with your AC unit in this price range.

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2. $50 to $100. This price's refrigerant leak detector is compact and durable, also enjoy user-friendly design. These refrigerant leak detectors can detect almost all the halogen refrigerant, as well as hold high sensitivity rating and automatic calibration settings, you can adjust their sensitivity according to various environmental condition. While the only shortage is worklife of battery not so long.

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3. Over $100. For an Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector, you pay for excellent sensitivity, pretty and durable design, as well as long battery life. Besides, these refrigerant leak detectors are totally rechargeable, and there also is an authomatic zeroing unit to adjust its sensitivity level to find the smallest leak.

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What's in Your Box After Buying AP Refrigerant Leak Detector

Besides the refrigerant leak detector you buying, there is also something else we will equipped on the boxes, they are, 

Tips of Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. It's not easy to change refrigerant, or prevent leak by yourself. You'd better find a professinal trained HVAC technian to fix and add more refrigerant, before the professional arrived, you can use a tape to plug the leak temporarily.

2. When on outside, and also begin to blowing this time, you will find the refrigerant leak detector will raise unnecessary alarms. Or if a room is filled with refrigerant, the leak detector also can sounding the alarm constantly, and also need a period of time to detect the leak sources.

3. Before using a refrigerant leak detector, you need to read the instruction and maintain requirements, don't to buy a detector that need large time and money to keep.

4. Sometimes, when there is a leak, you will feel a sweet chloroform smell. You can also put your hand on a HVAC system when a refrigerant at a low temperature, if the air is still warm, then you will know there is a refrigerant leak. 

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Other Questions You Want to Know About Refrigerant Leak Detector Price

The value of product decide on its price. Using a refrigerant leak detector, we can find a leak quickly and early, on the one hand, we don't need to pay the extra leaked refrigerant, and also the electric bills, on the other hand, less leak refrigerant protect air environment. Needless to say, the repair and recovery budget, and the lost of food or something need to keep on a low temperature.

So benefits brought by a refrigerant leak detector, compared with its price, it's really a long term investment.

What Happens If I Ignore A Refrigerant Leak

 As we all know, mainly function of refrigerant is to remove heat from the air. When refrigerant levels are low, your air conditioner will run longer, thus consuming more energy, during this period, some parts of HVAC system may be damaged, and also have a hurt for environment, what's worse, inhaling large amounts of refrigerant compounds is unhealthy and unsafe. 

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What Causes A Refrigerant System Leak

Usually, the refrigerant is pre-installed in coil of air conditioning system, due to some daily wear or collision of the system, there will be a leak occured. I guess you may notice, some air condition don't use refrigerant ever, if there isn't a leak, it will circulate in the system for years. 

What Type of Refrigerants Can be Identified by An Refrigerant Leak Detector?

This depends on the sensitivity of leak detector, some only can detect several refrigerants, while other will detect more. Before purchasing, you can ask the customer service. By the way, all Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector can detect all the refrigerants, which includes CFCs, HCFCs, and HFOs. 

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What are The Damage Associated with Refrigerant Leaks

There are mainly 3 types of dangers related with refrigerant leak. First is the flammability. When some refrigerant leak on the air, there is a big potential risk to bring the flammable. Second, the bad influence to environment, such as ozone depletion and global warming. Third, human health risk, refrigerant leak will lead to difficulty breathing, suffocation, and even death.

In a word, rely on many years growing and advanced technology, Aprvtio is quite confident to offer you kinds of refrigerant leak detectot with a competitive price. Want to own your best price refrigerant leak detector, contact us now!


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