Refrigerant leak detector sensors will be the best friend for kinds of HVAC or air condition systems.

Any place that used these HVAC units faced the risk of a refrigerant leak, which not only can add to your operation cost but also have the threat of fires, explosions, and even deaths, due to most of the refrigerant gases being colorless and odorless, refrigerant leaks are hard to detect only rely on the nose, that's why refrigerant leak detector sensor is so important.

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So many industrial or commercial occasions are equipped with refrigerant leak detector sensors, on the one hand, it's able to avoid resource waste and protect our environment, on the other hand, finding the leak quickly and early can reduce your budget and save more money.

Established in 2002, after years of research and innovation, Aprvtio has become the most famous refrigerant leak detector sensor manufacturer, we are quite confident to offer you kinds of refrigerant leak detectors to meet all your needs.

Based on rich industry experience, Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector is the first choice for customers, after visiting a related professional technician, Aprvtio can provide you with refrigerant leak detector tools that solve the daily problem of refrigeration.

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5 Features of AP Refrigerant Leak Detector Sensor

1. Portable. All Aprvtio leak sensor is small, which means you can put it into your bags, and very convenient to carry.

2. Chargeable battery. Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector can be plugged in and used, which avoids the trouble of changing the battery frequently, and also can be used when the battery is low, giving you double security.

3. Cost-effective. Aprvtio  leak sensors enjoy a faster 3-second response time, which has been proven own high safety. At the same time, it helps us find the leak spot quickly, and then fix and repair the leak early, it's both cost-effective no matter the aspect of economy or environment.

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4. Wide detect range. Aprvtio provides 8 types of refrigerant leak detector sensors, which can cover all the related refrigeration, such as the R22, R134a, R4041, R410, and so on.

5. User friendly. The usage of a semi-automatic calibration program ensures you set up the leak sensor as you want, the 3 kinds of adjustable sensitivity, as well as the changeable handle sensor head, make your work freer to detect anywhere you want.

By the way, we are also equipped with a wide range of accessories, such as a sensor head, flash lamp, and speaker. The combination of a UV lamp and flashlight can make sure the dark and narrow place also can be detected.

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Other Advantages of Aprvtio Refrigerant Leak Detector Sensor

After years and year's research and innovation, the Aprvtio leak sensor holds the advanced design and can ensure you the safest operation at a lower cost.

1. Owned less than 5 second average response time, the moment it finds something unnormal compared with your setting, the refrigerant leak sensor will alarm on time, leaving the leakage can be detected and repaired in such a short time, which is so important to lower your running cost and increase occasion safety.

2. The design of high-precision infrared sensors can measure refrigerant conditions accurately in commercial areas.

3. With a sensitivity of 0.14 oz/year, the AP leak detector can meet today's usage requirement perfectly.

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4. We will put the USB cable into your package box, making the refrigerant leak sensor can work anytime, and an equipped indicator light will make you know exactly when you need to recharge it. Of course, you can also use the battery, which can guarantee not less than 6 hours of running time.

Usage Occasions of AP Refrigerant Leak Detector Sensor

Just as we mentioned above, the Aprvtio refrigerant leak detector sensor is the standard configuration for all the places that used HVAC systems and air conditions. And the 3 places below will use it more frequently.

Firstly, it also can be used for the testing of a truck and car air conditioning systems, secondly, a great AP refrigerant leak detector sensor also is a better friend for the maintenance of the home air-conditioning system. Thirdly, to meet your daily management and maintenance, it's essential to own an AP leak sensor.

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Multiple advantages that we can feel when using a refrigerant leak detector. For stores, a leak detector sensor can reduce your food on cold closet loss and waste to the utmost extent. What's more, for some smart stores, the equipment of refrigerant leak sensors will decrease your bills for energy and refrigeration.

How to Use A Refrigerant Leak Detector Sensor

1. Press the power button and turn on the detector.
2. According to your demand for regulatory sensitivity
3. To ensure convenience and safety, we'd better keep 1/4 inch away when using.
4. There will be a double alarm of light and sound to warn you once the refrigerant detector sensor finds an exceptional situation.

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Several Tips for Great Usage of Refrigerant Leak Sensor

1. First, a refrigerant leak detector sensor can be start used only after removing the battery diaphragm on the UV lamp.
2. Second, after installing the battery, the refrigerant leak detector will work normally.
3. Third, to ensure quality, tests and spot checks are carried out before the refrigerant leak sensor leaves the factory.

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Several Serious Hazards of Refrigerant Leakage

A refrigerant leak will cause huge loss no matter for a food store or other industrial occasions. Almost 25% of a refrigerant leak in the retail shop per year. It's worse for an industrial place, average 1 pound leakage of R404a can result in a loss of $7, add in the related maintenance and labor costs, and the damage made by the refrigerant leak is huge.

As we all know, it's very famous for HVAC system nowadays, because of its higher cost-effective. With an HVAC system, heating and cooling can be provided simultaneously in different rooms or areas of the building. Don't need too many pipes, thus the HVAC units are easy to install, from a home to a commercial building both can meet their demand.

However, the potential risk of refrigerant leakage is something that needs to be taken care of. Most refrigerant is colorless and tasteless, and it's hard to detect.

Usually, a leakage will cause skin frostbite, suffocation, or death, and also has incredibly damaging to the environment, for instance, the ozone depletion and global warming, this cascade of reactions can also affect local ecology and air quality, and even economic losses. Even small leakage can cause a 20%-25% loss of refrigerant, at the same time, leakage makes the compressor operate more frequently, increased power required for continuous operation, and a higher maintenance budget.

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For an enter, find and solve refrigerant leakage has so high economic benefit, which can prevent many extra fees effectively, and reduce the risk of the working environment.

In conclusion, refrigerant leakage not only causes economic losses but also brings a bad influence on the environment. To deal with these losses from all aspects, picking a suitable and great AP refrigerant leak detector sensor seems to be of great importance.

The Losses Caused by Refrigerant Leakage

According to a report this year, almost 25% of the supermarket has suffered from refrigerant leakage, and these leaked refrigerant near 875, at the current price, 1 pound of refrigerant value $7, and the losses is more than $6125. If it's a mall with 100 supermarket chains, it's losing $600,000 a year, how terrible a number.

Small refrigerant leak brings huge losses, which includes the food losses, reputation damage made by food quality, as well as a spend to change refrigerant equipment, these are all the things that retailers want to avoid.

That's why the AP refrigerant leak detector sensor owns high cost-effective and long-term investment. Most notably, it can reduce leakage by nearly 25% per year, which will help one store save $560, therefore, we always say, a great refrigerant leak detector sensor is your best friend to reduce your budget.

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Which Causes Refrigerant Leakage

In the operation of refrigerant equipment, it's normal for refrigerant fluctuates, which adds to the difficulty of refrigerant detection. During daily life, you will find many elements that will be leading to refrigerant leakage.

First, also is the most common factor is machine wear, due to wear, some function or part of the machine doesn't work properly, then leakage will occur.

Second, the capacity of the compressor system decreases.

Third, sometimes, system failures can also cause refrigerant leaks.

Why Choose Aprvtio Refrigerant Leak Detector Sensor

During almost 22 years of development, Aprvtio has become a famous brand that set production, research, and development, sales as one, so far, we have served thousands of customers from around 80 countries and regions, rely on advanced technology and perfect quality, Aprvtio won a high reputation among our customers.

In Aprvtio, we will guarantee you the great quality refrigerant leak detector sensor, fast shipping, as well as thoughtful customer service, want to own your leak sensor, send us your demand now!

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