What happens when the air conditioner lacks refrigerant?

What are the symptoms of the air conditioner lacking refrigerant?

On consecutive high temperature days, the cooling effect of the air conditioner is affected, and most citizens mistakenly believe that the air conditioner is missing refrigerant. In fact, there are many reasons why the air conditioner is not cool, and it is necessary to learn to judge whether it is caused by the lack of refrigerant.

After the compressor of the air conditioner runs continuously for 30 minutes, if the refrigeration system lacks refrigerant, the following phenomena will occur:

Lack of refrigerant:

1. The trachea valve (thick pipe) is dry. There is no obvious cool feeling when touched by hand. The reason is the lack of fluorine, which reduces the boiling point of the refrigerant in the evaporator, increases the heat of the refrigerant in the valve, and increases the temperature of the valve.

2. The liquid pipe valve (thin tube) is frosted. The reason is the lack of fluorine, which causes the pressure in the liquid pipe to drop and the boiling point to drop, making the valve temperature lower than the freezing point.

3. Open the panel of the indoor unit and remove the filter, and you can find that only a small part of the evaporator is frosted. This is the result of insufficient refrigerant and a corresponding reduction in the cooling area.

4. The exhaust air of the outdoor unit has no heat sensation. The reason is that the refrigerant is insufficient, resulting in a decrease in condensing pressure and temperature.

5. The drain hose drains little or no water at all. The reason is that the cooling area of ​​the evaporator is reduced, the condensation area is also reduced, and the amount of condensed water is reduced.

6. The gas-liquid valve of the outdoor unit is oily. The reason is that the refrigerant and the refrigeration oil have a certain mutual solubility, and the oil stains around the leak point after the refrigerant overflows from the leak point. 7. The pressure measured from the fluorine filling port of the outdoor unit is lower than 0.45MPa. The reason is insufficient refrigerant, resulting in a drop in evaporative pressure.

In addition, if the liquid pipe valve (thin pipe valve) is frosted, it means that the lack of fluorine is serious; only the trachea valve (thick pipe valve) is frosted, indicating a slight lack of fluorine or the ambient temperature is too low; both valves are frosted, indicating that the system has Secondary throttling phenomenon.

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