Refrigerant Weight Scale

For the sake of safe, it's so important to own a refrigerant weight scale, to get an accurate weight when maintenance or repair a HVAC system.

A refrigerant weight scale plays an important role when installing or maintaining an air conditioning, it can measure the weight of liquid or gases of sorts of refrigerant in the process of add or remove into compressor.

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Many air conditioning system is required to maintenance once a year, other refrigerant device may need more maintenance, a technician mainly rely on the refrigerant weight scale to measure the weight of refrigerant, and repair a machine.

No matter to create a comfortable living environmen or extend the service life of air conditioning, suitable maintenance is necessary. Too much or too less refrigerant both have a risk of safety and money loss.

If own too much refrigerant, there will be a higher pressure environment produced inside of a cooling system, which will shorten worklife of compressor, and result from frequent maintenance problems. But when refrigerant is less, a HVAC system can't work effectively, it need a long time and more resource to cooling a room, even the results were not satisfactory, leaving you a higher bill and hot feeling on summer.

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Everything will be changed using a refrigerant weight scale, an accurate data of refrigerant you will get clearly, you can totally know how much refrigerant should be put or remove, all of these are going based on scientific testing and control, making full use of your machine and budget.

How does a refrigerant weight scale work?

When using a 300 pound refrigerant weight scale, a refrigerant tank will be put on the weight platform of refrigerant weight scale, there are some pipes and cable connect with tank and HVAC system, obersve the reading number of weight scale, technician add or reduce refrigerant to reach a best level of each air conditioning.

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Though a refrigerant weight scale for sale, you can see clearly of the weight of refrigerant and tank. If you want to add refrigerant into tank, just need see the reduced weight of tanks, and you can will how much a tank need. Of course, if there is a empty tank need to be stored with refrigerant, you also can read a precise number from refrigerant weight scale.

Types of refrigerant weight scale

Usually there are 2 types of refrigerant weighing scales, one is with rechangable battery, and the other rechargable battery. Each refrigerant weight scales hold different weigh capacity, these large business cooling system need a large weight range, which a smaller weight range is also enough for the application of house.

Different refrigerant weight scale system offers various accurate levels. The sensitivity system need a refrigerant weigh scale with a very precise numbers, which others don't need it. Some refrigerant weight scale is mainly designed to measure refrigerant under high temperature or pressure, and is commonly used on manufacturing and industrial industry.

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Features of Aprvtio refrigerant weight scale

Estabilished on 2002, Aprvtio owns rich experience to design excellent quality refrigerant weight scale for you. So far, Aprvtio sorts of refrigerant weight scale has served thousands of people from 80 countries and regions, and won a high reputation among them. There are many advantages of Aprvtio refrigerant weight scale, just like the following.

1. Wide and accurate weight limit from 220 pounds or 100kgs, Aprvtio refrigerant weighing scales can help you measure kinds of refrigerant's weight accurately.

2. It's portable. All Aprvtio refrigerant weight scale holds compact structure, and is convenient to start a remote work, by the way, we also offer you a carrying case to pretect this scale device and also better to carry.

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3. Aprvtio refrigerant weight scale is strong and durable, which enjoy more than 10 years service life under good maintenance, and we also provide you 1 year warranty.

4. Equipped with LED screen, and you can see the refrigerant reading clearly.

5. The shut off function makes a refrigerant weight scale is easy to use.

6. Some of Aprvtio refrigerant weigh scale can keep past recordings for you, leaving your work more simple and save more time.

In order to protect a hvac system and ensure all maintenance work under a safe condition, when maintenance air conditioning, we need to store the refrigerant in a vacuum gauges or other device, after maintaining, put it into air conditioning again, a refrigerant weight scale is vital on this process, using which we get an exactly number that we need to add or remove.


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Several Factors When Ordering A Refrigerant Weight Scale

1.The most important thing of refrigerant weight scale is its quality, due to related with delicate work, an accurate refrigerant weight scale definately can help a lot. When choosing, we need to believe a big brand instead of the one never heard. Aprvtio is a famous US brand with more than 20 years experience, it's trustable and realiable.

2. Precison is another thing we should notice carefully, it's useless if a refrigerant weight scale can't give accurate reading.

3. Display and operation methods. There are different way for the running of refrigerant weight scale, rechargable battery scale, rechangable weight scale, LED display, wifi operation or bluetooth control, based on your work condition and demands, choosing the one you need most, for example, a rechargable battery refrigerant weight scale is a great choice for working outside.

4. Weight capacity. We should know, though some refrigerants, like R22 and R410 is under 60 pounds, several refrigerant tank is heavier, aimed at the refrigerants you need to measure to pick a refrigerant weight scale is better.

Anything else related with Aprvtio refrigerant weigh scale you want to know? Just contact us now!

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