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HVAC system has been used in our lives, more and more, especially, used in keeping fresh foods and medicine. The refrigerant and refrigerant gas leak detector has been used in wide areas. According to the statistics, the refrigerant leak in a food store is more than 1/4 of the total leak every year.

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However, except for some volatile refrigerant gases, most refrigerants are not flammable, corrosive, transparent, and tasteless. In a sealed environment or the surrounding, where ventilation is not good, the refrigerant will be breathed into the body instead of air. It will cause hypoxia. More important, part of refrigerant is anesthesia, which harms the health.

How to find the leak point, protect staff's health and safety, and reduce the cost of sales, becomes more important.

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To solve this problem, Aprvtio supplies more convenient and cost-effective refrigerant gas leak detectors after years of research and development.

Why choose Aprvtio Refrigerant Gas Detection System?

1. Expert:Over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we manufacture test and measure instruments for HVAC and refrigeration professionals

2. Efficient: We are the industry expert and provide efficient tools to help engineers find and resolve issues quickly. Our aim: provide expert tools for efficient solutions. Save your time and cost.

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3. Variety of products: To adapt to different customers' needs, we can supply different prices, technologies leak detectors. We have three types of refrigerant gas leak detectors, corona leak detectors, thermal diode leak detectors, and infrared leak detectors. They have a difference in accuracy and usage lives, suitable for different occasions.

4. Portable: Ourrefrigerant gas detector products come with flannel bags which can help repair engineers to carry tools. During the design, we make sure the tools can be put in overalls' pockets. The infrared leak detector comes with a plastic suitcase, which can protect the tools and reduce damage.

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5. Long life and high accuracy: The usage life of the infraredrefrigerant gas leak detection systems are more than 4000-5000 hours, the accuracy is 4g/yr

6. Flexible probe: The flexible probe is designed for the small HVAC system, which can detect the hidden leak points. We also equip the UV light to find the leakage faster and better.

However, we have many detectors. Although, understanding the types of refrigerants, can help us to choose the most suitable refrigerant gas leak detectors.

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5 Main Types of Refrigerants

According to chemical composition, refrigerants can be divided into five categories: inorganic compound refrigerants, freons, saturated hydrocarbon refrigerants, unsaturated hydrocarbon refrigerants, and azeotrope refrigerants

1. Inorganic compound refrigerants:This type of refrigerant has been used very early, such as NH3/h2o/co2/so2 and so on. For the inorganic compound refrigerants, the international standard code is R and three numbers, the first number is 7 and the two numbers are molecular mass.

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2. Freon: Freon is general term of CL, fluorine(F) and Bromine(Br). the international standard code is R and two numbers, like R22.....

3. Saturated hydrocarbon refrigerants: The type of refrigerant contains methane, ethane, propane, butane, and cyclic organic compounds, the international standard code is same with freons. However, these refrigerants are flammable and explode easily, for example, R50/R170/R290

4. Unsaturated hydrocarbon refrigerants:This type of refrigerant includes C2H4、C3H6 and Halogen Derivatives, after R always 1, such as R113/R1150

5. Azeotrope refrigerants: This azeotrope refrigerant is mixed by two refrigerants according to a certain percentage. The gas chromatography and liquid phase will not change and keep a certain percentage, under stable temperature and pressure. However, their thermal properties are different from the substances before mixing, and azeotropes can improve the properties of refrigerants.

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