Chiller Refrigerant Leak Detector for Sale

A refrigerant leak detector plays an important role for chiller nowadays.

In today's society, the HVAC system has been used in all aspects of life, like hotel rooms, apartments and occupied spaces, machinery rooms, data centers, chiller rooms, food retail, military, walk-in freezers, and industrial cold storage, especially chiller room, most commercial buildings, such as hospitals、office buildings, and residential buildings are equipped with chiller rooms, to control and adjust the temperature, to keep the normal operation of equipment.

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The refrigerants are part of the chiller rooms. The leak of refrigerants becomes a big problem for repair engineers.

The harms of refrigerants are different from types of refrigerants. The part of flammable and explode refrigerants will leak, may cause the explode and endanger lives. What's more, staying in a high concentration environment, will cause headaches, stimulate the eyes and ears, feel sick and vomit. Most important, the refrigerant leak also damages the surroundings and causes a serious greenhouse effect.

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To solve this problem and protect the environment, EU countries and USA has published related laws and bills. The laws required that every chiller room must equip refrigerant leak detectors, to monitor the leak.

Usually, we use the portable chiller leak detector more. The portable chiller refrigerant leak detectors are used in large and small HAVC system widely. They solve many problems for engineers. There are many advantages of a portable leak detector.

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7 Benefits of Portable Chiller Refrigerant Leak Detector

1. The flexible probe, can touch every corner: The bendable probe can help you detect the hidden corners and is also used in many small cooling systems.

2. Reset Auto: The refrigerant leak detector can reset automatically, which can reduce the effection of history concentration, prevent the error alarms.

3. Multiple sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity according to your needs.

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4. Sounds and light alarms: when the detector finds the leak points, the warning light will flash. The visible alarm way can make you find the leak easily.

5. Power indicator: The power indicator help you to check the state of the refrigerant leak detector's battery, and you charge the detector in time.

6. Widely usage: The detectors can be used in larger chiller rooms, food retails and air conditioners, and refrigerators.

7. Small size, carry easily.

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Why Choose Aprvtio Chiller Refrigrant Leak Detector? 

 Aprvtio is a worldwide manufacturer and maintenance specialist for HVAC tools and temperature controllers. Through collecting the HVAC professional's habits and tools used, Aprvtio innovates based on proven technology and produces products that solve everyday problems.Our mission is to supply the best tools for every HVAC professional in the field.

Aprvtio is committed to satisfying all applicable requirements and earning our customer's loyalty by providing innovative solutions, custom manufacturing capabilities, and exceptional customer service.

Contact us, we will supply the Expert and Efficient chiller refrigerant leak detectors. Email: Call us: +1 713 701 1986


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