Aprvtio TE-02 50PCS Temperature Data logger Reusable with Auto PDF Report -30°C ~+60°C

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TE-02 50PCS

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Aprvtio TE-02 is a high accuracy PDF temperature data recorder, provides an ideal solution for life science, logistics, cold chain transport, producing, fridge and freezer storage etc. Monitoring the temperature of pharmaceutical supply chain, especially the production and transportation of vaccines to ensure patient safety and reduce the risk of losing samples. TE-02  temperature logger monitoring is perfect for laboratories as well to monitor the temperature of lab ULT freezers, containers or incubators. Over the years, we have reached stable cooperation with many manufacturers, hospitals, universities and laboratories, provided reliable temperature data loggers and services.

Temperature Logger


Features of Aprvtio TE-02 PRO Logger


Plug and Play: Generate PDF and CSV report automatically, no software needed.

Multiple Alarms: Building in LCD display, check the current temperature value. Visual alarm light, easy to view.

Easy operation by pressing button on/off

Large memory capacity: 32000 Points Readings

Low-power consumption for long logger battery life: Up to 1 year

Easy-use Software: Set the parameters according to needs, interval, startup mode, alarm range.

Monitor the temperature during the transportation of COVID-19 vaccine

From 2019, The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought hitherto unknown challenges to the world. After the research of medical scientists from various countries, The COVID-19 vaccines were developed finally. However, the transportation and production of vaccines have very strict requirements on temperature. In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, they must be transported in a specific temperature environment. Our temperature recorders provide a good solution to this problem.

Our temperature data loggers can set different alarm temperatures according to needs. In case of over temperature or low temperature, the alarm indicator on the recorder will flash.

The LCD screen is convenient to observe the current temperature.

More importantly, it can export the PDF and CSV report, and is very convenient to analyze the change of temperature in the whole transportation.

Aprvtio temperature logger can give manufacturers, shippers, government distribution centers, hospitals, and other administration locations the confidence when they need to know their vaccines have maintained proper temperatures and are ready for patient administration.

Pruduct comparison



Temperature Logger TE-02

Temperature Logger TE-02 PRO

32,000 Temperature Points

32,000 Temperature Points

Temperature Range:-30°C ~+60°C(-22℉~140℉)

Temperature Range: -30°C ~+60°C(-22℉~140℉)

Max. Battery Life: 6-Month

Max. Battery Life: 1-Year

Connection Type: USB

Connection Type: USB

Report: PDF

Report: PDF & CSV

LCD Display

LCD Display

Need the Software:Yes

Need the Software: No


Temperature Measurement Range

-30°C ~+60°C(-22℉~140℉)


±0.5℃/±0.9℉(-20℃ ~ 40℃)


Temp Scale

℃ or ℉



Startup Mode

Button or software


32,000 readings

Logging Interval

Optional, Default: 10mins

Start Delay

Optional, Default: 30mins

Alarm Range

Optional, Default

Communication Interface


Power Supply

Single-use CR2032 replaceable battery(Replaceable)

Shelf Life

1 Year

Protection Grade



CE, RoHS, ISO90001


83 x 36 x 14mm




Automatic PDF and CSV


Product questions

  • How to replace the battery

Step 1 Turn the battery cover counterclockwise to open it

Step 2 Put in a new CR2032 button battery, with the negative inward.

Step 3 Turn the battery cover clockwise to close it.

  • Can it be used outdoors?

This logger is designed to be used indoors. Although the waterproof grade of our product is IP65, if you want to use it outdoors, please protect it so that it is not exposed to condensing moisture. 


  • Is the software compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, it will work with Windows10 and other Windows system version.

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